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WikiJournal of formula

In the hot water drill section changed the part saying counter weights to "Enlist the use of some kind of hose reel, Capstan, Or some kind of hose assist for raising and lowering,

Added the WISSARD/SALSA process, The WISSARD drill down, Mid sized water drill, Drilled clean easy access up to 1km at Lake Mercer in Antarctica,

Mentioned that hot water corers are prone to debris stopping forward motion in dirty ice.

Can you say something missing? The aim is to cover drilling methods, however is not, as an example, information on how ice cores are analyzed, Or how ice drilling projects are financed and arranged. Perhaps it would be better to rename your content "Ice positioning methods, simon Christie (discuss contribs) 10:36, 23 feb, march 2019 (UTC)

take another look at by

unseen peer reviewer,

This review was submitted on 22 Mar 2019, And refers to this previous version as soon as i've

Ice drilling technology/ ice drills is appropriate for this article.

the definition on ice drilling system is different with ice drill which is only a part of ice drilling system.

If here we simply discuss about ice drills, Surface stuff can be excluded.

If place 13 means "Drill extensions, It is better to add driven/power unit because it is also something for a drill.

I have renamed released "Ice drilling technological advances, I agree of the fact that title was too broad.

I agree that the drive unit is an extremely important component. this might be a shortcoming in the article. The sources I am knowledgable about do not discuss the design constraints or options for the motors. as an example, vietnamese woman Talalay's Mechanical Ice Drilling method has a chapter on cable suspended E M drills that lists the major designs, But he does just name the motor chosen for each drill. in order to DISC drill, according to him "The drill motor is an Emoteq hollowed out bore frameless model rated to 1.8 kW at no more than 7500 rpm. The motor rotates the screen and core barrels running a 30:1 Harmonic deliver reducer, additional drill motors are described similarly; There's no discussion of why a specialized motor is chosen. I possess some older sources such as Splettstoesser, Ice Core positioning, The actions of the 1974 University of Nebraska symposium, Which have some more details, But I don't even think they're usable. as an example, Splettstoesser carries Mellor Sellmann, "General ways to care for drill system design, Which discusses power would like for mechanical chipping and cutting, But doesn't look at motor designs. david Rand's

"the usa CRREL shallow drill, further in Splettstoesser, Like Talalay just lists the motor stipulations with no discussion.

I think unless there are sources that specifically talk about the design constraints on these motors in terms of the needs of ice drilling, there's not much that can usefully be added. I've not been able to find anything along those lines, And this survey article, rrnstead of original research, Which limits my ability to go beyond the sources.

I'd be glad to look at another arrangement but it would be helpful if you could make specific comments about how it could be improved. The goals section is first since a reader unaware of the topic needs to know why ice drilling projects are undertaken at all. The design considerations section is next in order to give the reader regarding constraints on ice drilling methods. the residual sections are organized by type of drill, With a final section giving vacationer tax on some specialized subsystems. mike Christie (comment on contribs) 10:36, 23 january 2019 (UTC)

brief review 5

The only surface equipment that should be discussed is equipment proportional to the drill such as winches and towers. It is not most effective to discuss project logistics, Project tiny, Ice core handling or dimension methods, Or power sources for the drill various. Although those must be present aspects of organizing a project and influence the design of a drill for a specific project, They do not alter the drilling technology discussed writing about.

annotate 6

Since this information is about drilling, Not work, I see no reason to debate high elevation drilling separately. The same drills can be used but the logistics will vary.
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Дата: 15 Mar 21 05:34pm

Продажа недвижимости в России

Недвижимость без посредников
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