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Имя: Michaelutith
Дата: 12 Oct 17 05:43pm
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Имя: Sabrielrom
Дата: 14 Sep 17 07:28am
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Имя: Briantow
Дата: 21 Aug 17 10:49am
For decades, Wunsiedel, a German town near the Czech border, has struggled with a parade of unwanted visitors.

It is the birthplace of one of Adolf Hitler’s deputies, a man named Rudolf Hess. And every year, to residents’ chagrin, neo-Nazis marched to his grave site there.
Имя: Iilrczog
Дата: 24 May 17 01:35am
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Имя: Oyasbzog
Дата: 23 May 17 03:50am
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